Denver arts writer Georgia Garnsey has reported seeing Allen True’s delightful and unusual mural The Water Hole hanging at Denver’s City Hall Events Center, at 1144 Broadway in downtown Denver.  The painting, signed and dated 1935,  depicts jungle animals gathered near water. The last news about The Water Hole was that when Chris Christou turned the old Jonas Fur Building into a trendy nightclub, he removed the mural from the wall and put it in storage where it languished, poorly rolled up and buried under other things. Georgia reports that “the mural is faded with a few minor tears” and needs to be cleaned and repaired. It is hoped that having the mural displayed in a public place will inspire Denverites to make sure it is given to a public institution, and then repaired, cleaned and permanently hung in a public place for all to enjoy. It is the only painting True did with this subject matter. You can see the mural under “Murals” in the Gallery at this site.

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