Victoria on February 9th, 2009

I’ve found out some more information regarding True’s The Water Hole mural that was in the former Jonas Fur Building at 1037 Broadway, from Georgia Garnsey, who is writing a book on Colorado murals with Mary Meadow.

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According to Georgia, the Jonas Fur building on Broadway went through several transformations. At one point it was a very nice bar/restaurant and several people I’ve spoken to said the mural was still there. At some point, Regas Christou bought several properties in downtown Denver to be turned into nightclubs. One of these was the restaurant with True’s mural that he renamed The Shelter. A Denver Bronco football player was shot and killed outside this nightclub several years ago. Georgia visited the nightclub before the shooting and could not find the mural. Later, Jim Barrett told her that he had contacted Christou who took him to a warehouse where the mural had been taken. Jim reported that it was rolled up with things leaning on it. Georgia and I are now trying to find a Denver non-profit organization to rescue the mural.

I also have updated information about the three True murals that were in the Nurses Library at Children’s Hospital in Denver from Carmen Bria, Chief Conservator at the Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts (WCCFA) in Denver.  All three (Indian Women on Bank of Stream that surrounded the library door; Indian Woman with Deer and Indian Women at Rest, both of which were in an inset between book shelves) were removed when the hospital moved to another location.  They are safely stored at WCCFA and Children’s Hospital plans to have them conserved and placed in its new building.

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