Allen Tupper True was a Westerner who embraced his heritage as the source and inspiration for his paintings. “No artist, east or west, was more sincerely devoted to or genuinely effective at exploring the pictorial dimensions of Western subjects than the Colorado painter Allen Tupper True,” asserts distinguished art historian and curator Peter H. Hassrick in the foreword of this volume. “ . . . His mural and decorative embellishments for monumental architectural projects throughout the West affirm his role as an artist of profound importance and extraordinary breadth of vision.”

True found his ultimate calling as a muralist, and his work ornaments public and private buildings throughout the West, including capitol buildings in Colorado, Wyoming, and Missouri.

This, the first definitive biography of Allen Tupper True, traces the artist’s life from his earliest beginnings in Colorado. The book relies on letters, diaries, and contemporary news accounts as well as family history to describe True’s artistic evolution from illustrator to easel painter to muralist of the first order. Written by True’s daughter Jere and his granddaughter Victoria Tupper Kirby, the book has the charm of a personal memoir that is greatly enhanced by its scholarly underpinnings. The story of Allen Tupper True’s life and work is truly an American story that deserves to take its place in the panoply of American art history.

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