The Denver-based blog, a site dedicated to telling less well-known stories of denver history, culture, and art and curated by Hugh Graham and Jill Hadley Hooper, asked Victoria T. Kirby to submit a story about Allen Tupper True to help draw attention to the three exhibitions of his work and life now open at […]

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The Denver Post‘s special weekly insert “Your Hub” included an article and photo of True’s granddaughter Victoria Tupper Kirby’s visit to Denver’s Steele Elementary School to see five large murals that True painted around 1930 on three walls in the kindergarten room.  The murals depict children playing by the seaside and a wonderful two-part parade […]

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Victoria on October 8th, 2009

Irene Rawlings interviewed Victoria Tupper Kirby on her weekly Clear Channel program “Focus.”  You can hear the interview via podcast.  Go to: and click on “listen to podcasts.” The interview is in two sections. Enjoy.

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